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Cultural Programme

Cultural Programme Discovering Göttingen

The university town of Göttingen has a whole lot to offer! We'll show you our favourite haunts and look forward to exploring them with you!

Göttingen is a young, dynamic city open to the world, with a population of about 120,000. Students from many countries live and learn together here. Göttingen is a university city with a long tradition of education. The university was established in the year 1737. With its diverse cultural scene and its numerous pubs and bars, Göttingen offers many possibilities for leisure activities. Thanks to its central location in Germany, Göttingen is an ideal starting point for trips to the surrounding region as well as to Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfurt. Göttingen is particularly suitable as a place to learn German: the language the local population speaks is very close to "Hochdeutsch", i.e. standard German.

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Cultural Programme City Trips

However delightful Göttingen may be, you sometimes need to get out and discover something new!
How about a trip to Bremen, Weimar or somewhere else?

With our city excursions we want to make a further contribution to cultural exchange outside the classroom. This is why we regularly offer opportunities to go on day trips to different towns. For example, we will take you on a visit to the cultural city of Weimar, show you the historical old town of Bremen, stroll through Hanover or accompany you on a trip to discover the country's capital, Berlin.