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Intensive Courses Face-To-Face

Intensive Courses Face-To-Face

Our intensive courses for levels A1 – C1 are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

University applicants from abroad who take our courses will be given optimal preparation to take the language tests for admission to university (DSH, TestDAF and telc C1 (university level)) and to fulfil the language-related requirements for study at a German university. But other people interested in learning German quickly on an intensive course will also find themselves in good hands with us. Fast progress in the four areas of Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing is guaranteed by our communicative teaching method.

Every morning from Monday to Friday you will attend 5 classes of 45 minutes in an intercultural group. The course fee also includes free access to our digital learning platform. Here you can consolidate what you have learned in class with sessions of self-study.

Classes are held in the seminar rooms of the AStA building (Rosa-Luxemburg-Haus).

This building not only houses three classrooms and our office but also a kitchenette, available for use by all course participants. This gives you the opportunity to also talk to students from other course levels during the breaks from class. In good weather AStA’s garden is also a great place for a chat. The AStA building is very close to the university campus and the Mensa am Turm canteen. And the town centre with its many cafés and bars is also just a few minutes’ walk away.

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Präsenz-Intensivkurse A1 – C1
6 Wochen, 150 Unterrichtseinheiten
Unterrichtszeiten: Montag bis Freitag, 09.00 – 13.15 Uhr
Unterrichtsort: AStA der Universität Göttingen, Goßlerstr. 16A
Kursgebühr: 750 € * | *Preis gültig ab 01.12.2023. Für Anmeldungen bis zum 30.11.2023 beträgt die Kursgebühr 620 Euro.

Intensive Courses Face-to-Face A1 – C1
6 weeks, 150 lesson units
Course schedule: Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 13.15
Venue: AStA of the University of Göttingen, Goßlerstr. 16 A
Course fee: 750 Euro * | * Price valid from 01.12.2023. For registrations until 30.11.2023 the price is 620 Euro.

Key info

6 weeks, 150 lesson units
(1 unit = 45 minutes)  

Course schedule:
Monday to Friday
9:00 am – 13.15 noon

Venue: AStA of the University of Göttingen, Goßlerstr. 16 A

Course fee: 750 Euro