Terms of Participation


You can register in person at our office during office hours, or online.
For online registration, please send us a completed registration form.
You will receive a preliminary confirmation of registration and our payment details by email. As soon as the registration fee has been credited to our bank account, we will send you a confirmation of registration by email or post. This confirmation can be used for your visa application.


Participants are obligated to pay the course fee within the prescribed period.
The registration fee is EUR 100 for intensive courses and EUR 50 for other courses. It is included in the course fee. The remaining course fee can be paid by bank transferral or in cash before the beginning of the course or on the first day of the course.
Please note that a binding reservation can only be made after payment of the registration fee has been received.


Cancellation is possible until the beginning of the course. In case of cancellation, the registration fee remains with the organiser. Upon agreement it is possible to transfer the paid registration fee to a later course.
In case of cancellation before the beginning of the course, any payments already made beyond the registration fee will be reimbursed. It is not possible to cancel after the beginning of the course. Reimbursement of the course fee in case you discontinue or only partly attend courses is not possible.


The minimum number of participants is 7. In the event that the number of participants is too small, VIA LINGUA e.V. reserves the right to cancel any scheduled course. In such a case, the paid course fee including registration fee will be reimbursed. A course with fewer than 7 participants can be held with a reduced number of lessons and the same payment conditions, provided that VIA LINGUA e.V. offers this option and the participants agree.


The price for the course books used in class is not included in the course fee.
The costs for the course books are approx. EUR 35-40 per course.


Participation in any event arranged or organised by VIA LINGUA e.V. is at the participant’s own risk.
VIA LINGUA e.V. does not assume any liability for any damage to persons or property.